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Dota 6.76 ai с ботами

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Dota 6.76 ai с ботами

Dota 6.76 ai с ботами - Genre: Hero Defense
Card version: 6.76 ai
Number of players: 10
Author: IceFrog

The new Dota Allstars 6.76 ai card with BETA boats the version.

Dota Allstars - the most popular card of the game Warcraft 3.

This RPG card which is called as Dota Allstars is a founder of a genre of MOBA.

About the Dota Allstars card game:

- Cooperative game it is calculated on ten people.
- One of many heroes gets out and pumped over.
- No achievement remains, and everyone new game can be begun from scratch.
- Any battle occurs at most five on five players.
- Many different fashions.

When the character will be chosen, in the course of game you should concentrate on development of this hero, and also, to cooperate with team players. During game you can acquire to the hero ammunition, a gun, to improve a thing, to collect a set which the bonus gives.

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